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Being an independent Hearing clinic we have a wide range of  hearing aids from some of the world's top manufacturers.


Offering you a wider choice of brands and technology that allows for a greater flexibility in finding a hearing solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Ear Exam

When to seek help?

The earlier you seek help the better and the more effective the result!


If you have concerns about your hearing please contact us to arrange a hearing health check today!


We offer a Pain Free Microsuction Ear wax Removal service.

If you think you might  be having hearing difficulties it may be something as simple as ear wax and this is easily removed.

Auditory Training

hearing tests can help identify any potential hearing loss early on.

This allows for timely intervention and treatment, which can prevent further deterioration of hearing abilities.

  • Personalised Care
    Independent audiologists often offer a more personalised experience by working closely with you to understand your unique hearing needs and preferences , they may spend more time with each patient allowing for a thorough assessment and tailored recommendation.
  • Wide Range of Product Options
    Independent audiologists typically have access to a wide range of hearing aid brands and models giving you a broader selection to choose from , this allows for greater flexibility in finding a hearing solution that best suits your needs and budget .
  • Continuity of Care
    With an independent audiologist you can often expect to work with the same professional throughout your entire hearing healthcare journey .this enables a stronger doctor - patient relationship , consistent follow -up and ongoing support for adjustments or maintenance.
  • Localised Service
    Independent audiologist are often rooted in their local communities , which means that are more readily available to provide immediate assistance, answer questions or address concerns . They may also have a better understanding of local resources and support networks.
  • Patient-Centric Approach
    Independent audiologist generally prioritise the needs an satisfactions of their patients over corporate objectives or sales targets . This can result in more patient-centric approach to care , focused on achieving the best hearing outcome for each individual.



Customer Service Specialist

Our Team
Ear Exam


Peter Farrell

Martin did a very professional job of extracting the wax through Microsuction from my ears.

It was a quick and pain-free process.

Shanagher Hearing Provide an exceptionally friendly service

Excellent, friendly service. Highly recommended

Susan Anne Davis
Galway City

Such a great, helpful service

I dropped in today with no appointment made and the Shanaghers were incredibly helpful at fixed my hearing aid.

I'm so grateful and found them amazingly helpful.

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