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If you’re worried about losing your hearing, you’re not alone.

Many of us tend to panic when something goes wrong with our ears, but facing the problem head-on is the first step in getting the help needed to hear better.

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Hearing Health Check
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Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss
  • Difficulty understanding conversations

  • Asking people to repeat themselves

  • Listening to music or watching TV with the volume higher than other people need

  • Feeling stressed having to over concentrate on conversations

  • Difficulty listening to conversations on the phone

  • Inability to hear high-pitched tones

If a hearing loss is detected during your Hearing Health Check, you have been diagnosed previously or currently own hearing aids, you’ll be invited for a Full Hearing Assessment. This appointment will be approx. 50 minutes, and is carried out by one of our expert Audiologists. Like our Hearing Health Check, this appointment is also free, but this time we’ll go into more depth to try to understand your hearing loss. It’s helpful to bring along a partner, family member or friend who can support in the discussion about how well you’re hearing.

During the appointment, your Audiologist will explain what will happen during your appointment, discuss your lifestyle and any problems or changes you may have noticed in your hearing. They will then take a look inside your ears to check how healthy they are before putting your ears to the test. During this test, your Audiologist will play a series of sounds at various pitches through headphones, and will ask you to press a button whenever you hear a sound. This allows your Audiologist to measure the thresholds of your hearing, how you react to different sounds and how well you can hear at specific frequencies. Your results will then be plotted on an audiogram which is a chart that represents your hearing ability.

Depending on your hearing test results, you’re Audiologist may recommend hearing aids to improve your hearing, this will be discussed and a demonstration of hearing aids will be offered.

  • Personalised Care
    Independent audiologists often offer a more personalised experience by working closely with you to understand your unique hearing needs and preferences , they may spend more time with each patient allowing for a thorough assessment and tailored recommendation.
  • Wide Range of Product Options
    Independent audiologists typically have access to a wide range of hearing aid brands and models giving you a broader selection to choose from , this allows for greater flexibility in finding a hearing solution that best suits your needs and budget .
  • Continuity of Care
    With an independent audiologist you can often expect to work with the same professional throughout your entire hearing healthcare journey .this enables a stronger doctor - patient relationship , consistent follow -up and ongoing support for adjustments or maintenance.
  • Localised Service
    Independent audiologist are often rooted in their local communities , which means that are more readily available to provide immediate assistance, answer questions or address concerns . They may also have a better understanding of local resources and support networks.
  • Patient-Centric Approach
    Independent audiologist generally prioritise the needs an satisfactions of their patients over corporate objectives or sales targets . This can result in more patient-centric approach to care , focused on achieving the best hearing outcome for each individual.
Better Communication & quality of life

Good hearing is crucial for effective communication and maintaining relationships with others.

By identifying and addressing hearing difficulties hearing health checks can help improve overall communication abilities, leading to better social interactions and an enhanced quality of life.


hearing tests can help identify any potential hearing loss early on.

This allows for timely intervention and treatment, which can prevent further deterioration of hearing abilities.

Auditory Training
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